Saturday, October 16

Don't Ask; Don't Tell

...And DO NOT even think about violating your clients' privacy.

Who here understands the difference between confidentiality and permission to use?

Just a thought.
So many dog trainers use their clients' stories without a second thought, whether in their blogs or talking to another dog trainer or dog professional.

I have a problem with this. I'll raise my hand up and admit it.

Even though I share my clients' stories all the time - with all sorts of people. I obtain what we'll call "permission to use" which means, in short, that we may use your story as an educational aid - sans names, of course. It's also included in the liability waiver that everyone signs.
However, if I ever intend to use any information outside of the classroom, I ask.

Please operate at a standard above your clients. As a professional, you are obligated to act as a professional.
I don't think most people realize this.
Think about it for a few moments.
When you are dealing with a client, you have a set of standards by which you must operate. You should be dressed professionally and act professionally....

.....even if they tell you that they use a shock collar (turned all the way up ) to punish their dog when its being "annoying" 

it is your job to keep whatever you're feeling off your face.

and don't tweet their business to the whole nation.

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  1. I think this could apply in all sorts of professional situations, not just dog training. I am going to bookmark this to pass on because I know the issue is going to arise again in my life at some point. Thanks for providing such a great resource!