Friday, December 31

Embarrassment in the New Year

I'm doing it. The year in review.

Enter a man named Leo, who - for the longest time - was known to me only as @Kenzo_HW. (And I couldn't spell Hovawart right. Sue me. Hovowart. Hovawart. It's...mostly kinda sorta somewhat close...)

Anyway, since ringing in the new year is all about honest---- Okay, honestly, I think I'm making the honesty part up, BUT since I've always wanted to tell someone this...
...Okay, here goes....
....I don't know if I can write it. 
Deep breath.
Deep breath #2.
Deep breath #3.
And it's coming out.

I uh

Well, you know... There was this tweet about making sure dad didn't forget the leash, and I thought, Oh, well she must be a teenage girl.

I am so sorry.
I am SOOOO so sorry.

Now, hold please while I find a table to hide under in case Leo feels like throwing things.

Moving along. 

I know. You're waiting for me to tell you something embarrassing about me in regards to Dino.
Well, there was this one time when I tried to go to his website and I typed Dogs and Dogs dot com.... And couldn't figure out WHY IT WOULDN'T WORK! 
It took twenty - count them 2   0   - minutes to figure out that it was his last name, Dogan, and then the word Dogs, and then dot com.
No, I don't want to talk about it, if you please.
It will only upset me.

Also, as he has that awful syndrome we call a pe-- *cough* Let me keep this PG. Since Dino is male, I just wasn't sure we'd get along. I'd gotten a lot of obnoxious boy followers saying the damndest things, and had taken to blocking them all.
Why not Dino?
Well, kids. 
I checked out his website.
And thought.
Well, this guy is interesting, intelligent and ...
I waited for the other shoe to drop.
But no.
No flirting.
So, with a sigh of relief, I'm glad to say I <3 DINO! because although he is quite definitely male and I can't change that, he's also pretty damned cool.
I mean it.
(Anyone else notice they're using the wrong form of "your" in this picture? Should be you're, as in YOU ARE, not as in "belongs to you.")

Of course, I can't forget Jana Rade, @Dawgblogger, who runs Dawg Business - a site dedicated to doggie health and a facebook group called Dog Health Issues.
Embarrassing stuff about us?
Well, sometimes I tell her embarrassing stuff, but for the most part, Jana's a rock.
Everything could be headed to hell in a handcart - in a hurry - for her, and she's still got time to listen to your doggy problems, give advice, and direct you to the right website to get you informed.
All while she's trying to sort out her own problems, much harder than everyone else's.
She takes it all in stride.
I am proud to know this woman.
By the way, Please help Jasmine, Jana's dog - she's in trouble, and she could use your help. So, since she's nice to all of us and helps us out all the time, don't forget to help her out, too!

Well, something slightly embarrassing (on my behalf) was back when I thought Leo was a girl (what? stop looking at me like that! it was an honest mistake...) and reading in on a conversation he was having with Jana.
I felt a twinge of jealousy that my new friend was talking to someone of obviously higher twitter and blogging rank than myself, and so it took me a moment to figure out that
1.) I could easily join in on the conversation
2.) I could follow her on twitter
3.) I could be friends with her too.

Whoever said I'm not a ninny is a liar.

But that's all I've got for now.
The three people, who - sadly - are all online friends (what? don't look at me like that. i'm not that big of a loser. no, really. i'm....oh, forget it) but they're all seriously awesome people.

Monday, December 27

Snowed In

First thing in the morning, and I don't know what the heck to do...
Sure, I'm supposed to write this awesome post with the help of a friend who would be much more suited to pulling it off than I would, but I'm just not feeling it.

I would succeed in offending EVERYONE.
Which...believe it or not... isn't the point. 
...But is probably the only point I'll manage to pull off.

I want the world to change the way it looks at stuff. 
It sounds nice. 
Really, it does.

And so does world peace, financial stability, and a flat screen tv. 
Do I have any of those things?
Do I see any of those things in my future?

And who am I to run around preaching change when I am the epitome of OCD, big S on the personality test that needs a hand to hold and a schedule to attend to?
Yeah, I'm the girl who doesn't know what to do when she has a spare moment. 
In fact, I mostly just zone out, confused, because I can't fathom not having to work.

Yet I want you guys to change something intrinsic to yourself.

What am I? 
Other than a freaking nut job....

I think the first step in having a blog or trying to reach out to the world is to know what you want, and to know what you want to do with it, to know what message you are trying to send. 

Yeah. I have a small idea.
Unfortunately, it keeps changing. 

I'll write my post anyway. It's about Social Media in the dog training world. It's about change. It's about where we can go if we achieve niche peace, stability, and fuck...let's throw in the flat screen TV.