Monday, December 27

Snowed In

First thing in the morning, and I don't know what the heck to do...
Sure, I'm supposed to write this awesome post with the help of a friend who would be much more suited to pulling it off than I would, but I'm just not feeling it.

I would succeed in offending EVERYONE.
Which...believe it or not... isn't the point. 
...But is probably the only point I'll manage to pull off.

I want the world to change the way it looks at stuff. 
It sounds nice. 
Really, it does.

And so does world peace, financial stability, and a flat screen tv. 
Do I have any of those things?
Do I see any of those things in my future?

And who am I to run around preaching change when I am the epitome of OCD, big S on the personality test that needs a hand to hold and a schedule to attend to?
Yeah, I'm the girl who doesn't know what to do when she has a spare moment. 
In fact, I mostly just zone out, confused, because I can't fathom not having to work.

Yet I want you guys to change something intrinsic to yourself.

What am I? 
Other than a freaking nut job....

I think the first step in having a blog or trying to reach out to the world is to know what you want, and to know what you want to do with it, to know what message you are trying to send. 

Yeah. I have a small idea.
Unfortunately, it keeps changing. 

I'll write my post anyway. It's about Social Media in the dog training world. It's about change. It's about where we can go if we achieve niche peace, stability, and fuck...let's throw in the flat screen TV.


  1. hey..what happened to being snowed in? oh, I get it...its an emotional kind of snowed in :-) Well, today, Im snowed in for real real, not for play play...wowza

  2. Julie, why do I love reading your posts so much?! I never know what am going to find in the end. All I know is... I wont' be bored, and I'll think about it.

    You've done it again!

  3. Julie, here is from one nut job to another :-)

  4. @Dino. I should have read/replied to this comment earlier today. It would have cheered me up. You...are something else. TY for the comment, even if I tricked you (MWHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA....?) into reading it ^_-;;

  5. @Laure-Anne I don't know why you love them?! You do?! *grins like an idiot* Thanks. I never know what I'm going to write... I think I just vent a lot... but as long as you don't tell, I won't. TY for the read and for the comment. =]

  6. @Jana. I know you did not just call me crazy. (LoL)

  7. Nah, what made you think that? :p

  8. @Jana hahaha. have I ever mentioned that you are my favorite?

  9. aww ... your favorite nut job? :-)