Saturday, November 6

The Work Always Pays Off

It's been a long day.
Of awesome doggy-dog-ness.

Today was agility trail day.

A day of course maps, bitter cold, weird negotiations with four legged companions, and - best of all - fun.

For now, check out the adventurous nervous dog taking a leap at life.

By the way, have I ever mentioned that Kittie took three years to get to a point where she could not only perform with other people (she's afraid of people) and dogs, but to actually let go of the fact that they were there and just have some fun? 


Check her out.

This is fun. 

All the way.
(You may want to turn down the volume.... a lot)

And yes, I did literally jump for joy at the end.
I know I got first place and everything, but I could have shaved off at least a second or two if I'd set her up to slice some of those jumps -_-;; Stupid handler.
Yay for LVL 1 CPE 

And I am so proud of her. ^-^;;

Oh! Since I have the privilege of running alongside one of the best agility coaches/handlers in the nation (<--I gave him that title, but if you worked with him, you'd give it to him too) here's his video.
I almost want to add nananananana TOLD YOU SO!
But I'll be mature about this.


  1. How cool is that! Yeah Kittie!
    Congrats to both of you! She looks awesome running over the track.
    Btw. your camera man also jumped of joy, guess he/she was biased :)

  2. One of our clients was taking the video. We go to competition together, so she's definitely bias. We're always surprised at how many clients show up just to see/support us. (It's probably all to support Kittie and Cosmo, but you know what? I'm great with that. They need all the love and support they can get!)

    She's such a fun dog. I'll have to show you the pictures. We look so funny!

  3. Congratulations!! That's so exciting.

    I love watching agility runs. It makes me look forward to trialing instead of just getting nervous about it. You looked both looked amazing out there.

  4. @Kristine TYVM! Kittie has been working for a really long time to get to where she is. We started out in class doing nothing but sitting there, lest she shut down, and had to work our way up to walking onto the floor, and then maybe approaching a jump!
    So, for her to do this just makes me soooo happy.

    Plus. Omg. When I get pictures... She has the happiest face I've ever seen on her! My scaredydog had fun!