Tuesday, September 28

(Don't) Drink Up

I hate anything health related.
I said it.
And actually... I feel a little bit better now.
(Are YOU interested in dog health? Check out DawgBusiness, a blog about dog health!)
This dog, she likes to pee.
And drink water.
....Until she throws it right back up.
Well, not "until," considering that she'll re-drink her throw-up water and re-throw it up. And drink it again.
Does this scream health issue to you?

It screams ISSUE to me, at the very least.

The "Who Me?" Face

I took in a urine sample; the vet said her pH was fine, there were no proteins, the concentration was good, there was no blood, etc, etc, etc.

Now, that might suggest that nothing is wrong.

Believe you me, SOMETHING is wrong.

Dogs should not pee four to five times in five minutes of being outside.
Especially when the first pee was HUGE.
And then.... squat, trickle, trickle. Squat, trickle, trickle....

But then, Koda has no idea she's crazy.
Of course....she wouldn't.
Down to business. 
Excessive drinking, or a change in your dog's drinking habits, is serious and should be discussed with your vet.

The urine sample virtually rules out kidney, liver, and - I believe - diabetes.
But something, SOMETHING is going on in my dog's brain - something that is telling her that she is thirsty and needs to drink all the water she can handle, whine at the water dish when there isn't any left, and check to see if there is water to drink... oh, we'll say at least five times per hour.

If I had a piece of real bacon to give her... she'd check the water dish first.

No lie. 


  1. Hate it when they do that! We need dawgblogger's advice on this one I guess...

  2. Sorry I didn't manage to comment here, but discussed on twitter :-)

  3. Yes, we did. Thanks so much for your input; it's always appreciated!