Thursday, September 16

The Making of the K-O-D-A

I did some research, decided an Australian Shepherd was probably my best bet, and looked up some breeders.

The first one tried to eat my boot - the dog, not the breeder. More on that never.
She sent me a picture of this dog - who wasn't present. In fact, I later found out that if you Google "Red Merle Aussie" this picture pops up. Hmmm. Reputable? I think not.

I should be rewarded with a cookie for good behavior. I may be a submissive coward, but I can throw a hell of a left hook, and the state of the dogs made me want to do things to her that would make a serial killer sit up and take notes.

I don't like humans.

And I really like puppies.

Not two weeks later, a lady named Karen decided to bring her Aussie, Gabby, to our puppy class. After a short conversation in the parking lot, I learned she was a breeder, and she was having a red merle litter a month or so later.

Maybe I needed a freaking puppy after all.

Meet Gypsy, resident mommy of a - get this - actually reputable breeder. She's such a lovely dog and I think she might like to show off how gorgeous her puppies are. ^-^;;

Hi, Koda; you're coming home with me.


  1. Glad to hear you made it out of the breeder jungle alive. Right after the selection of the breed comes the selection of the breeder. Happy to hear you found the right one in both. What was it in Red Merle Aussie's that attracted you?

  2. What got me was how strange looking they appeared to me. I never knew merles existed in the first place - I thought they were all mutts, not a genetic anomaly in litters of purebreds.
    ....And no one around here really has a red merle anything. They all really like the blue merles, so I decided a red one would be adorable.
    Actually, I was going to get a red - not a merle. But then I saw Koda.... LoL.

  3. oh my geez, the ending wonder she's so nuts about giving me crazy hi-fives...she's been giving me them since day one bahahaha. these blogs are so good!!