Sunday, September 26

The Infamous Austrailian Border Collie

In preparation for a stellar ball catch!

Have I mentioned I want a border collie?
Because apparently an Australian Shepherd isn't enough of a nut for me.

I want this insane focus.
This undeniable drive to get up and GOOOO!

Of course, the above is how I feel about not having much time for Koda in the first place.
Who made these stupid schedules anyway?
And who decided that I have to work three jobs?
(Me, of course. So I want to buy a house, sue me...)

I promised Koda a big yard.
We quickly get tired of seeing signs like this.
Excuse me, but for the record, MY DOG IS BETTER BEHAVED THAN YOUR CHILD.
She's the model of canine-good-behavior.
(At least when people are looking...ehehee....)
So, in conclusion, I would like a Border Collie.
I shall call him spike.
And teach him Treiball.
And Agility, rally, flyball, obedience, herding, fetch, and anything other dog-thing I can think of.
We might even just make stuff up.

Anyone want to have one less Border Collie?


  1. Are they not awesome? Funny you mention all those sports. The absolute King in our dog club of all times in all of them is also a Border Collie, Raffy. The last two years he has won everything, without exception, there is to win.

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