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This is crap food.
I wouldn't feed this crap to Michael Vick.

Why is it crap food?
Because it's marketed to YOU.

Does YOUR dog food have different colored kibbles? Red, brown, darker brown, etc.
If it does, it's crap. Don't feed it to your dog.

Is your dog food shaped like bones, puppies, t-bone steaks, or vegetables?
This is marketed toward you. Trust me when I say that your dog couldn't care less what shape his food is in. He chews, swallows, and waits for it to come out the other end. It's crap; don't feed it to your dog.

Are there cute puppies or dogs on the bag that make you coo and want to hug something?
 It's really crap if they have to sink so low that the put irresistible pictures of puppies running and playing fetch on the bag. Marketing 101; class, pay attention: This is designed to draw your eye, because the quality of the food is all but zilch. A good dog food company DOES NOT WASTE MONEY ON CUTE PICTURES BECAUSE THEY DON'T HAVE TO.  

Do you have to feed two to three (or more) cups of food to equal the nutritional value of a different dog food?
You do if you're feeding Purina, Alpo, Iam, Eukanuba, Kibbles N Bits, Pedigree, Beneful, etc. There are more foods on the "bad list" than there ever will be on the good list.
By the way, check out the good list! It's on The Whole Dog Journal's site. Just click the link. You'll also be happy to know that the Whole Dog Journal doesn't get paid for their research. Not by any dog food company, and they make their decisions on what is good and what is crap based on science, continuing research and evaluation, and the love of animals.

Going with that, if you have to feed two, three, four times as much as someone who has done a little research, YOU HAVE TO PICK UP TWO, THREE, OR FOUR TIMES AS MUCH DOG POOP.
In fact, your dog will have to go out more.
Not only that, but his poop will look terrible - it's almost as if you threw his food into a blender, added water, and dumped it in your yard. Did he even DIGEST that, or did he swallow and push it out?
If the main ingredient is corn...He basically swallowed and pushed it out.
A lot of people don't realize, but a lot of dog's have grain allergies - and grain is included in all of the above-mentioned food. Unfortunately, the crap state of your dog's crap often goes unnoticed, because people don't know any better.

If you feed your dog crap food to save a buck now, you'll pay for it ten fold in the long run.

I can all but hear the, "But JJ, your dog food costs $50!! $50!! Mine costs like $20...maybe!"
Yes, but mine lasts longer, because I feed less to equal the same nutritional value. My dog is healthier because of better ingredients and less to process, so less trips to the vet. My dog food is also much less likely to be recalled; there's a life-saver. Also, because I feed less, the ingredients are easier to process, there are no dyes or artificial preservatives... my dog is less likely to get cancer. 
Feed better; feed less.
Exercise, play, and train more.
For the love of dog!

Oh, and check out The Whole Dog Journal's Research Section! Click a paw to read a post!
Because of them, the current trend is toward making better dog food. As people become more educated about their dog's health, they demand more. The current crap-brand companies are losing out on enough consumers that they're trending toward better ingredients. 
Now that is for the love of dog.

We personally feed Acana and Orijin, Champion Petfoods.
And, occasionally, Taste of Wild.


  1. Thank you for mentioning me!

    Love the, "in your face" style: nobody dares to buy anything else then good dog food after reading this.

    Funny enough, your link to good marketing is not far away from the truth. If it is marketed good it likely is crappy food. What about that for an analogy with responsible and bad breeders / puppy mills. Same story!

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